Liskecosystem Delegate Proposal


Liskecosystem Team is very motivated to add a substantial contribution to the whole decentralized blockchain space and we think that adding extra value for the community is the way to go. We are also long term supporters of the Lisk architecture and project and we want to pro-actively work to make the Lisk Ecosystem bigger, better and well-known for quality, innovation and one of the best DPoS consensus algorithms existing yet.
There are already some things we did for Lisk with our own budget, besides being active in technical discussions on reddit and lisk chats. We started to build the lisk ecosystem identity and portal, we run a node on Testnet since November 2018, -> liskecosystem delegate and we support GNY, one of the biggest projects building on Lisk.


  • Run a validator/delegate on Testnet;
  • Run a validator/delegate on Mainnet;
  • Support projects building with LISK-SDK by running validator nodes, testing or other services;
  • Lisk Ecosystem Technical Marketing;
  • Lisk Ecosystem Portal -> one portal to run them all for general public with DApps, Tools, Projects, etc.;
  • #LiskDaily;
  • Technical Marketing around Lisk Core and SDK;
  • Technical Marketing around Lisk based projects;
  • Educational content around validator security, distribution of votes, centralization of power, Lisk development;
  • Getting involved in discussions at a technical level to improve certain parts of Lisk in order to make it attractive and usable for the market;
  • Lisk Events/Meet-ups in Zug/Zürich Switzerland;
  • Grant program.

Financial Plan

  • 30% sharing with voters. The value is determined after an analysis of the current top blockchain projects and is highly competitive  with the rewards gained while doing staking on those projects; A dynamic staking model which will consider total staked amount of LSK is currently under analysis and development.
  • 0 LSK selling agreement for min. 1 quarter after starting to receive the first delegate rewards. No, this doesn’t contradicts the first  bullet point. The 30% rewards will be paid to voters by buying LSK from the market for as long as LSK value will be under 1$. If during the first quarter period of validating, the value of LSK will overpass 1$, the difference from 1$ upwards will be paid from LSK delegate rewards.
  • Possibility of grant program and open for joining forces with other delegates to offer a larger grant program for useful and innovative things within lisk ecosystem like the development of a modular interchain protocol which ideally would be more advanced than the two-way peg zone.
  • Supporting projects building with LISK-SDK or Lisk Centers like LCU.
  • All the remaining funds after paying the costs for different activities like running validator nodes, personal, etc. will be fully reinvested into Lisk Ecosystem.

What are the next steps?

We continue to deliver our proposal. You can expect for Lisk Ecosystem portal to get some updates in order to support projects, tools and DApps. At the same time, we continue to support Lisk based projects and already run a node on Chronicler Testnet: More about the Chronicler project can be found here:

You, as a Lisk community member, play an essential role in the whole Lisk ecosystem and by using your voting power wisely, you can have a great contribution to the Lisk project and ecosystem.

If you like our proposal and work, please sign into the Lisk (formerly known as Lisk Hub), go to “Delegates” tab, search for liskecosystem delegate and add it on your voting list.