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$6,219.45 -1.11%
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$2.52 -6.32%
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"We will provide the possibility for every musician to create his or her own business model, provide templates of different models and provide data insights. Give them the autonomy to easily raise funds. We envision one place to take care of all of your music business. Where every participant has the incentive to add value to the network. Where the founders of the network do not keep accumulating value unless they provide value themselves. A marketplace that in the long term is organised democratically and decentralized.

ICO Info

Total Supply: 500,000,000

Supply Assigned to Current ICO: 200,000,000

Tokens Sold in Current ICO 15,000,000

Bonus Tokens 15,000,000

Unsold Tokens Assigned to Curent ICO: 170,000,000

Tokens to be Burned: 85,000,000

Tokens Reserved for Second Coin Offering 85,000,000"

Token sale completed on 30 April
15,000,000 200,000,000 7%
Website Whitepaper
Token Sale: 30 July — 30 April
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