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"MADANA is a platform for data analysis that uses Blockchain technology allowing participants to get in on the data market with their own data and simultaneously preserving their privacy by design. As you are reading this, you and all your devices are creating a manifold of data. But you are not made aware of it, nor are you profiting from it. The vision of MADANA is to re-think today's behavior with any kind of data. Therefore, we are working on a solution to bring privacy back to data producers. MADANA is a first step to gaining back control over one of our greatest assets. To achieve this goal, we are collaborating with experienced companies and political institutions."

Current phase: Pre-Sale

Available tokens for pre-sale: 15 Million

Pre-Sale price: € 0.50 / PAX

Main-Sale price: € 1.00 / PAX

Start Pre-Sale: 1. September 2018

End Pre-Sale: 31. October 2018

Token sale completed on 31 October
Goal: € 37.5 Million
Website Whitepaper
Token Sale: 01 September — 31 October
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