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"GNY introduces machine learning to pre-existing blockchains, offering smart APIs that bridge to Ethereum, to Asch, to Lisk and any developer working with our universal system. With GNY Centre, GNY brings its own dedicated blockchain that can host sidechains, offering a powerful set of tools to launch and host your own project from conception to implementation in the most developer friendly environment built around artificial intelligence. GNY tokenholders can now access GNY's powerful machine learning tools. A members only program will start at the end of the GNY token sale.

GNY is a next generation predictive machine-learning platform. GNY was born in 2015 to answer a specific question: how can the vast amounts of digital data left behind by people be organised and analysed to provide business, marketing, and social impact solutions that are predictive, adaptive, and responsive? GNY identifies repeatable patterns, and learning components that constantly adapt to our ever changing behaviour. "


Token sale completed on 03 November
Goal: $18,000,000
Website Whitepaper
Token Sale: 03 September — 03 November
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